Alsace Vineyards Wine Tasting Tour from Strasbourg

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  • Süre: 8 Saat (Tahmini)
  • Lokasyon: Strasbourg, GRAND EST

Embark on an Enriched Alsace Wine Adventure from Strasbourg

Kickstart your immersive journey into the Alsace wine region from a prime location at the Strasbourg Tourism Office, nestled at 17 Place de la Cathédrale. Just steps away from the breathtaking Cathedral, this spot offers easy access from city center accommodations, setting the stage for a day of discovery and indulgence.

Promptness is crucial to fully enjoy our bespoke wine tour, meticulously tailored for an intimate experience of Alsace's renowned vineyards. We recommend arriving 10 minutes before our scheduled departure to ensure a smooth start to a day filled with exclusive wine tastings at some of Alsace's most prestigious wineries.

Should unforeseen circumstances cause a delay, please notify us immediately. While we can wait up to 10 minutes, we regret that any longer delay may result in forfeiting your experience without refund.

A Day Steeped in Wine Tradition and Expertise

Upon arrival, you'll meet your professional English-speaking guide, identifiable by the Ophorus sign and badge, who will introduce you to the day's curated wine exploration. Comfortably seated in our air-conditioned Mercedes minivan, you're on your way to experiencing the Alsace Wine Route. This famed route weaves through the Vosges foothills, offering stunning views of vineyards, historic villages, and the essence of Alsace's wine culture.

Deep Dive into Alsace's Wine Heritage

Alsace is unique among French wine regions for its strong Germanic influence, reflected in its wine-making techniques and the predominance of varietal wines. Renowned for its aromatic white wines, Alsace produces varietals that are prized for their floral aromas, crisp acidity, and rich flavors. 

The region is famous for wines such as Riesling, known for its balance of acidity and mineral notes; Gewurztraminer, celebrated for its aromatic complexity and spiciness; Pinot Gris, offering rich, full-bodied flavors; and Muscat, Sylvaner, and Pinot Blanc, each adding to the region's diverse wine portfolio.

The tour begins in the Mittelbergheim/Barr area, spotlighting Alsace's Grand Crus and the diversity of its wine offerings. Enjoy tastings that highlight the distinctive terroir and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.

Moving on to Dambach La Ville, savor celebrated Rieslings and Gewurztraminers, discovering the intricate balance of flavors that Alsace wines are known for. A traditional "caveau" provides the perfect setting for this deep dive into Alsace's wine culture.

After a midday break to enjoy local cuisine (at own expense), the afternoon is dedicated to the Ribeauvillé/Riquewihr area. Surrounded by Grand Crus, this sector is the heartland of family-led wineries where centuries of winemaking tradition enrich your tasting experience. Explore the harmonious wine and food pairings that Alsace is celebrated for, amidst breathtaking landscapes ideal for photography enthusiasts.

Concluding Your Wine-Filled Journey

As we return to Strasbourg, you'll bring back not just memories of the stunning landscapes and historic charm of Alsace but an enriched understanding of its world-class wines. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to dive deep into the wine culture of Alsace, guided by our experienced local expert. Book your spot on this comprehensive Alsace Wine Tour from Strasbourg and raise a glass to the rich wine heritage of this enchanting region.