Alsace Wine Discovery Half-Day Vineyard Tour from Strasbourg

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  • Durée: 4 Heures (environ)
  • Lieu: Strasbourg

Alsace Wine Route Exploration: Exclusive Half-Day Journey from Strasbourg

Embark on an exclusive half-day tour to uncover the treasures of the Alsace Wine Route, one of France's most esteemed wine regions. Celebrated for its exceptional white wines, Alsace is a viticultural paradise, where the unique blend of a dry, sunny climate, diverse geology, rich soils, and optimal sun exposure culminates in wines of remarkable aromatic complexity and purity of fruit.

Strasbourg Pickup

We offer a convenient pickup point in Strasbourg. Upon booking, you’ll receive detailed information about your pickup location. Meet your English-speaking driver/guide, who will introduce the day's itinerary before you board your comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle to start your wine route adventure.

Journey Through the Renowned Alsace Wine Route

Set off on a captivating exploration along the Alsace Wine Route, delving into the heart of France's aromatic white wine production. This tour promises an intimate tasting experience at two distinguished wineries, where you'll learn about the key types of Alsace wine through engaging tasting sessions.

Obernai: A Historic Wine Center

Your first stop is Obernai, a picturesque town on the Wine Route, known for its historic charm, winding streets, and vibrant wine culture. As you explore Obernai, you'll uncover its rich history, from its establishment in 1240 to its pivotal role in the Décapole alliance, striving for independence from imperial authority. 

Highlights include the Saints Pierre and Paul Church, the Belfry, the Six Bucket Well, and the Sainte-Odile Fountain.

Alsace's Wine Diversity

Alsace is renowned for its aromatic white wines, including Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Muscat, and Sylvaner, among others. The region’s wines are celebrated for their aromatic intensity, purity of fruit, and precise acidity, reflecting the unique terroir of Alsace.

Protected by the Vosges Mountains, Alsace enjoys one of France’s driest climates, allowing grapes to ripen fully and develop rich flavors and aromas. During your visit to selected wineries, you'll taste these exquisite wines, gaining insights into their production, characteristics, and the reasons behind their international acclaim.

Exclusive Wine Tastings at Select Wineries

Immerse yourself in the Alsace wine tradition with visits and tastings at two carefully chosen wineries. Experience the warmth of local hospitality as you taste exquisite local white wines, often guided by the winery owners or knowledgeable staff, offering insights into the winemaking process and the unique characteristics of Alsace wines.

Return to Strasbourg, enriched by the stunning landscapes of the Alsace wine route and the memorable flavors of its wines. This tour blends historical depth, cultural richness, and enological excellence, promising an unforgettable half-day excursion from Strasbourg for wine lovers and culture enthusiasts alike.